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5 minute guide:

var config = new Config
	 LogScreenshots = true,
	 LogLevel = Config.AvailableLogLevels.Verbose,
	 BaseUrl = "",
	 Browser = Config.AvailableBrowsers.FirefoxPlugins,
	 Framework = Config.AvailableFrameworks.WebDriver,
var web = WebManagerFactory.CreateInstance(config);
// Buttons
var button = LocateBy.Id("submitForm");
Web.Click(button, WaitUntil.AjaxOrPostCompleted());
Web.Click(button, DelayUntil.Displayed(button));
Web.Click(button, ReapeatUntil.AjaxOrPostDetected());
// Inputs
Web.SendKeys(LocateBy.Xpath("//input[1]"), "some text");
Web.SelectCheckbox(LocateBy.Checkbox(SelectBy.Text("checkbox 3")), true);
// Lists
var list = LocateBy.Xpath("//select");
Web.SelectListItem(list, SelectBy.Value("3"));
var selected = Web.GetSelectedListItem(list);
// Multiselect lists
var list = LocateBy.Xpath("//select");
Web.SelectListItem(list, SelectBy.Value("3"), SelectBy.Value("2"), SelectBy.Value("1"));
var selectedItems = Web.GetSelectedListItems(list);
// File dialogs:
var fileUpload = LocateBy.Attributes(ByAttribute.Name("datafile").Custom("size", "40"));
web.Click(fileUpload, WaitUntil.DialogAppears("File Upload"));
web.Dialog.SelectFiles(Comparison.Contains, "File Upload", @"c:\images", "picture1.jpg", "picture2.jpg");

To add plugins to firefox when your test runs, simply add a folder to your ouput directory called "Plugins" and add any plugins you want, then make sure that you use the correct browser:

config.Browser = Config.AvailableBrowsers.FirefoxPlugins

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MyKings Jun 24, 2013 at 3:31 AM 
I want to know web login, how to get "" a new web window. And the parent window closes.
Thank you!